Pint of View is a place where passion for artisanal beer and cocktails and delectable food meet.  Our informal gastropub is located just off the characteristic Piazza Santa Spirito.  It’s a place where you can just stop in for a European craft beer or cocktail and stay for dinner and pair our unique drinks with even more unique food.  Come check out and express your “Pint of View.”


Our Story

Pint of View was established in 2017. Inspired by the experience gained from our brewery, Archea Brewery, we wanted to create a place where WE wanted to spend time and drink good craft beer. Our next dream was to pair the aromatic European and Italian craft beers with food, but with food that nobody was offering --something different-- something you can’t find in Florence.

Thanks to our talented, young Korean Chef, Yejin Ha, we have brought a new concept of dining to Florence.  Our menu features Asian inspired plates with an international twist and each season brings new flavors to the table. Today with Michela Montaperto as Chef, we add a touch of Tuscan tradition to our plates.

Thanks to the experience gained from Rasputin, the speakeasy associated with Pint of View, we were able to expand our beverage offering to include artisan cocktails. This is how Pint of View took shape and is an experiment that is constantly evolving!

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